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Long-term rental property management

You will avoid the hassles related to rental management in ISRAEL and will benefit from:

• An effective intermediary between you and the tenants.
• A team of real professionals who will be in charge of the administrative and legal aspects.
• A reliable maintenance service to deal with everyday problems.
• Satisfied tenants because you provide them with reliable assistance throughout the lease.
• The permanent presence of ALTIDAG team.
• extranet access to login and check your online management account 24/7.
• Direct access to information on regulatory updates.


Tenant’s Selection


Maintenance and Repairs


Online Personal assistance


Collection & Payment of Overdue Bills


Income Tax Payment

The Residential

When ALTIDAG manages your apartments, you are free from all the hassles associated with the property.

Generally the tasks are divided into three main areas: occupation and maintenance, accounting (including, among others, the processing of administrative and fiscal documents) and finally the legal aspect.

• Any property that has the chance to be entrusted to ALTIDAG will benefit from a precise systemic process: We start with a visit of the apartment, we give our professionnal rental estimation of the property, we then make a list of repairs to be made (if necessary) and a schedule of restoration (if necessary), all to start on a sound basis and thus perpetuate the rental of the property.

• ALTIDAG real estate experts know how to locate the most appropriate tenants, and only those who meet our stringent criteria will be granted the rent of the property.

• Any settlement related to the property that is the tenant’s responsibility is justified to ALTIDAG in a systematic manner and in real time by presentation of the appropriate documents. Thus, at ALTIDAG, we have the capacity to regularly monitor the “tenant payments”, thus preventing possible cases of past-dues.

• If necessary, we send the team of qualified,efficient and certified contractors we work with. Since trust does not exclude verification, ALTIDAG oversees any intervention it may have and this in order to ensure that everything has been done accordingly and at its fair price.

 • The management of your property includes support by an ALTIDAG law firm partner which drats rental agreements favorable to the owner, therefore, only if necessary, they can initiate any legal proceedings against the tenants who would be tempted not to keep their commitments.

 •ALTIDAG offers innovative rental management, with transparency and efficiency above all, with an advanced management software that is able to give you any information or reports you wish for. In brief, everything related to your property is recorded and classified in our software.

The Commercial

From purchasing to sometimes selling while passing through rental management, ALTIDAG offers a complete management service for all commercial properties: hotels, offices, stores, commercial areas …

Commercial property requires meticulous daily work. We understand that in the commercial industry, the tenants are engaged in their functions, which requires prompt processing of any claim or request. From basic daily maintenance to the proper functioning of the elevators, not forgetting the mailboxes … ALTIDAG will look over on the whole process.

• Collection service. Often many tenants are present in a commercial property, the monitoring of each one of them remains a heavy burden. So how do you make sure all tenants are up to date and in line with their rental conditions? ALTIDAG will give you private access to its advanced management software which will give you 24 hour direct access to any activity related to your property, thus you will be informed in real time of the exact state of the property.

• ALTIDAG will appoint your own management coordinator who will play the major role of first contact and trustee. He is the one who physically manages the property. All of our management coordinators are experienced in the field and have sharp management skills.

• Vacant premises. ALTIDAG puts its real estate experts at your disposal, they will be in charge of marketing, renting or selling your property with the aim of obtaining the highest possible return. Our 40 years of experience give us the advantage of always finding the most suitable solution in a quick and efficient way.

• ALTIDAG will receive your new property in your name on the day of its delivery by the developer and eventually also supervise the imperfections fixes.

• Management of subcontractors. Large areas require significant maintenance at all levels such as: cleaning, frequent repairs, upgrading and renovations, landscaping services … ALTIDAG has worked for many years with trusted contractors who will take care of your property under our supervision.

ALTIDAG ensures that your property always receives the necessary attention it deserves. Accompanied by a solid legal team and highly qualified employees who have a clear and strong objective: the optimization of properties, ALTIDAG provides an “all-in-one” service.