Commercial Property Management

ALTIDAG presents a comprehensive service for commercial properties, management, marketing, leasing and sale of your commercial areas. Commercial, office and industrial assets require meticulous and daily treatment. We understand that tenants in commercial properties are engaged in their operations and require prompt treatment for any damage, they need a body which manages the property, ranging from basic cleanliness to the operation of the elevators and mailboxes. ALTIDAG presents comprehensive management services for commercial properties:

  • Collection services, many tenants have commercial property, and tracking them is a burden too big, making sure that all standing consumer accounts are up to date and respect their rental conditions. With ALTIDAG you can be sure that everything was paid, how could it be? Our advanced management software updates itself after each operation related to your property and informs you immediately about any deviation.
  • We use a  bureaucratic maintenance management coordinator, and he is the primary contact, and property manager in practice.  All our represantatives of this kind are highly experienced in the field and have suitable management capabilities.
  • Empty properties management, ALTIDAG team has real estate experts who will handle the marketing, rent and sell of the property to the highest yield. Years of experience give us the advantage to find for your property the solution it needs, quickly and efficiently.
  • Management of service providers, a large area requires great care, landscaping services, frequent repairs, cleaning and maintenance. We cooperate with trusted professionals who take care of all your property needs.
  • ALTIDAG make sure that your asset receives its best care We provide an all-inclusive service accompanied by a legal team, managerial and qualified employees who will upgrade your commercial property.