Rental Apartment Management

Apartment Building

Rental apartment management through ALTIDAG brings a promise to release the landlord from harassment related to dealing with the property. We tend to divide the tasks into three main areas: brokerage and maintenance, book-keeping and treatment with the administrative documents, and the legal aspect.

  • Any rental property that comes to us follows specific program which begins by a visit to the premises, the rent readiness testing, verification of any troubleshootings and repairs (if necessary) in order to successfully rent the property.
  • ALTIDAG real estate experts know how to locate the most appropriate tenants, and only those who meet our stringent criteria will be granted the rent of the property.
  • Paying bills by tenants is accompanied by supporting documents to ALTIDAG. We have the ability to follow and make sure that all the asset accounts are up to date and have no due payments.
  • Tenants who rent the apartment have a reliable representative they can communicate with. We work with a variety of certified professionals who provide a reliable response for any malfunction in the property within one business day.
  • Comprehensive care of your precious asset will be accompanied by a law firm which will conduct the lease agrement in favor of the property owners, as well, if necessary, will take care of the legal procedures needed for tenants unwilling to pay their dues.
  • ALTIDAG introduces a new standard in asset management, transparency and efficiency above all. Our advanced management software is able to give you any report you need, and all operation related to your property is documented in the software.