ALTIDAG offers a dynamic and complete rental management service “à la Française” that perfectly meets the needs of international real estate investors, landowners and private owners of several properties. Discover a professional, responsible and reliable rental management with a 40 years experience in managing and maintaining properties, renting, selling and marketing real estate in Israel. ALTIDAG manages assets with expertise and believes in transparency and technological efficiency to remove all worries and save you money, time and a lot of inconvenience. We will take care to find suitable tenants, supervise ongoing maintenance and repairs, and receive rigorous and personal management of your property.

Transparency and reliability asset management

ALTIDAG has the advantage of offering digital management via its sophisticated rental management software. This asset makes it possible to easily and meticulously manage an “infinite” number of properties at the same time. The account is managed digitally and is updated online such as: the start of the contract and its conclusion, the repairs requested and the trustee’s updates. A service request using the software will be made as quickly as possible and will conclude with a termination report. Everything is done in a transparent and easy way. The rents due to you will be transferred to you each month by bank transfer. We inform you at any time about the necessary repairs or work that have been approved for execution, as well as sending notifications of end of lease.

Comprehensive service and legal support

ALTIDAG management will accompany you in all legal proceedings and lease disputes: Notice of expiry and appeal of tenants’ rent, renewal of contract or any other request. The overall care of your precious property will be accompanied by a law firm which, if necessary, will take care of tenants who do not pay. We are responsible for verifying with the tenant at the end of a contract that he has fulfilled all the conditions of the contract: such as maintenance of the property, payment of electricity, water, Gas, trustee and property tax; And this, before giving him the various guarantees (bank guarantee, etc …). ALTIDAG combines efficiency and professional reliability, and therefore we allow our customers the freedom to terminate the existing agreement between us at any time without any obligations.

Our management software

ALTIDAG has the most sophisticated and efficient rental management software in the world. It is an exclusive platform, designed to be used by all the parties involved, the tenant, the landlord and ALTIDAG, all of which is carried out as quickly and conveniently as possible:

  • The survey of water, gas and electricity meters and the updating of these latters.
  • A photographic record of the condition of the apartment before renting the property, and of course when the lease expires.
  • Obtaining the guarantees requested from the tenants and handing them over to the owner.
  • Claims’ reports and their processing are directly recorded in our management software.
  • Sending monthly summary reports (OMS – owners management summary) via a dissemination database.

ALTIDAG management software allows you to manage your property by giving you access to invoices, lease, property inventory, photos, and other items about your property from anywhere in the world, 24/7, conveniently and easily ; real estate management with complete peace of mind and zero concerns. It is also important to note that the software is designed to manage multiple properties in “one click”, and you can track and receive detailed and reliable information about different properties simultaneously.

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Everyone should practice his profession, asset management is not your profession. A seasoned veteran you do it better than you.

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